You know your services can truly help people, but you’re losing customers, clients and money because your site isn’t standing out.

You’ve tried purchasing basic templates but they don’t embody your soulful business. The time spent learning the DIY skills is much better used helping people and other money-making tasks.

You’re frustrated, stuck, overwhelmed and frankly not confident in your current site (if you have one). It feels like the wheels are always spinning and you’re stuck in a cycle of always having to find new customers.

This custom-built, done in two days brand & website experience was made

If you're ready to trust yourself & truly commit to your business, you're in the right place.


with love, for you.

(I believe in you - you CAN do this)

From start to finish, Haille demonstrated a sincere commitment to actualizing a vision for my brand and website that was authentic and soulful. She centered my experiences throughout the process with a genuine interest that helped me pull on my own insight and artistic expression. She is an incredibly talented graphic designer but probably an even better coach!

SCOTTA MORTON, mental performance coach

"A vision for my brand and website that was authentic and soulful"

Haille has created beautiful and powerful branding for me, along with multiple brand aligned documents. She responds quickly and professionally to all questions and has supported me consistently in growing my brand and business.


"Beautiful and powerful branding"

Haille did my website and complete rebranding. It is absolutely beautiful and shares my vision in a way I hadn't imagined on my own. I can't recommend her enough!


"I can't recommend her enough"

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Introducing the VIP









A custom-built, done in two days brand & website experience made with love, for your health & wellness biz.

This done for you experience will draw in dream clients with an irresistible magnetism.

You'll walk away with...

A look that gets you seen, a site that gets you paid and a lasting impression that leaves you booked out for months

A brand that empowers you and ignites your soul

Heart-aligned brand kit (brand board, color palette, custom fonts, word-mark logo)

A website that you feel confident in and proud to share

5 page website customized to your brand (including home pg, about pg, offers pg, contact pg, one long-form sales pg + privacy policy pg, terms & conditions pg, 404 pg)

Website training how-to videos

Private support facebook group

A made-for-you experience that gives you butterflies and does your magic justice with every intentional detail

Brand Expansion Experience









Here's what to expect

Launch!! Access to private Soul Sis FB support group, 7 days of email support, and how-to make edits videos. Join my referral program and get a 10% commission when you refer a friend to sign up for the VIP Brand Expansion Experience ($180).


Get on my books. Super easy application, option to book a free 30 min clarity call with me before committing, decide your payment plan, select one of my website template designs to customize and select your design day.


To-do list. Gather professional imagery or schedule a photoshoot, write website copy (done-with-you copywriting session add-on with Megan Kachigan available), fill out branding questionnaire, submit website asset document and check off final to-do list.


Design days. Send all finalized content to me before design days. Day 1, we will have a one hour kick-off call, then you will need to be available for branding approval and questions that come up throughout the two days. 


What's the cost of all this?

You could do it yourself and spend hours trying to find a color palette you love that also resonates with your dream clients, but that would cost you hours trying to learn color psychology and brand strategy, when you could be helping others heal and transform their lives.

Or you could fall down the rabbit hole wasting several frustrating weeks/months learning how to create a website using a cheaper, basic web template that ultimately doesn’t have soul and doesn’t end up converting... but that would cost you hours when you could be working with your dream clients and getting paid.

Luckily, design adds value faster than it adds cost.

If you're ready to trust yourself, invest in yourself, and take another step towards becoming your highest self, then you're in the right place.


Two Monthly Payments

*Due to the nature of digital file delivery, all sales are FINAL (includes payment plans). No returns or refunds. By purchasing, you agree to our Terms posted HERE.



Save $100!


One Time Payment


Soul-Aligned Branding; Brand Board, Color Palette, Custom Fonts, & Word Mark Logo

Website Template of your choice from my template shop

5 Page Website; Home, About, Work Together/ Offers, Contact & One Long-Form Sales Page

Website Training How-To Videos, Private Support Facebook Group

Copy Templates, Get Prepared Checklists, & Streamlined Communication

Hi, I’m Haille Norris and I’m the creator of this brand + website experience you’re about to purchase. I am an expert of marketing and branding for 9+ years where I worked as the brand designer for corporate companies as well as many entrepreneurs just like you in the health and wellness space.

Engaging in inner work has been a transformative journey that profoundly impacted my life. Through practices like yoga, meditation, connecting with fellow seekers of healing and growth, seeking guidance from therapists, and working with a somatic practitioner to attune to my body's signals and manage stress, I discovered the means to empower myself. These experiences unveiled a realm of boundless energy, magic, and untapped potential within me, liberated from the confines of expectations, projections, and self-imposed limitations.

My drive to empower women stems from a profound realization: the women in the health and wellness sphere played an instrumental role in my own journey toward empowerment and continue to do so. I am deeply devoted to guiding others on their paths, encouraging them to explore and embrace their innate power. Sharing this knowledge holds immense significance to me; it's a calling of my soul to spread love and lessons from my healing journey. I consider it my responsibility to empower women who possess the transformative ability to aid others in their healing and growth.

I believe in leading by example, nurturing and embodying my own magic to mirror the potential for transformation. How can we rise together? By fostering an environment where each individual can cultivate their authentic selves. I've accumulated a wealth of insights and wisdom, and there's an unwavering internal pull to impart this knowledge. I am driven to empower women in business through a brand and website designed to facilitate their outreach and enable them to empower more women.

Ultimately, my goal is to facilitate a ripple effect of empowerment, guiding women to recognize their inherent strength and capabilities. It's a privilege and a passion to share what I've learned, striving to contribute to a world where women embrace their power, heal, and inspire others to do the same.

Why should you take my advice?

meet your bestie

haille norris





You’re not willing to put in the time to gather quality imagery, write thoughtful copy, and fill out some detailed questionnaires about your business.

You need a more involved website or you have a product-based business where you need a more involved e-commerce platform.

You aren't ready to commit to your business and invest in yourself... but I KNOW you are ready, my friend!

Your heart isn't in it and it's not super important to you to connect with your dream clients and make money doing something you love.

This iS a good fit if...





You’ve been dreaming of running a heart-led health and wellness business that you love.

You know you need a strong brand and website, but feel overwhelmed knowing where to start and what looks good.

You have your business plan ironed out and are ready to put a face to the name and step into your era of abundance.

You want to support a woman-owned small business and work with a spiritual wellness enthusiast who gets you and speaks your language!

This is NOT a good fit if...









Here's what others have wondered.


Passionate about your business? Check. Undeniably bold? Check. So ready to bloom? Check. You're ready, sis. The VIP Brand Expansion Experience is for mindful female entrepreneurs with an established business plan who want to take that next step and grow. A woman guided by equal parts financial and spiritual freedom, with an abundant mindset. A lady hell-bent on launching an entirely new, high-vibe, evolution-ready brand and website that truly embodies her higher self with ease.


Your website is delivered via Showit - meaning any tweaks and changes you desire can flow more effortlessly than your morning manifestation (whether you're a design pro or total novice). With it's user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop functions and 100% customizable format, I truly believe this is the perfect platform for our work together.

PLUS! To make it even easier for you, you'll receive comprehensive training videos, an easy-to-follow Showit Guidebook for the complete launch-ready suite that's yours in every way. 


To get started, first you'll fill out the application form. I'll read your deets and make sure we're a good fit. Then, I'll send over an acceptance DM or email with a link to pay in full or submit the first payment of the payment plan option. After that, you'll be directed to the Soul Site Welcome page to book your day and gain access to the brand questionnaire, client deliverables document, as well as your complete final checklist. You'll need to be mindful when booking your day, as you will need to have all of the deliverables submitted to me at least 48 hours before your day. I love you sis and I cannot wait to meet you and create your beautiful, soul-aligned brand + website. 




questions? message me!


Got it!

apply HERE

Get ready to launch your heart-aligned wellness business!!

If you're like me, you know that
everything happens for a reason.

You are here because you are seeking MORE.

More for your life, more for your soul,
more for your beautiful business.

It's time to step into your power with my VIP Brand Expansion Experience.

You are exactly where you're meant to be.

You’ve spent hours dreaming up what your highest self looks like. You know this is your calling and you feel a deep desire to share what you’ve learned and help guide others to peace and happiness. And I love you for that.

It is my soul's purpose to help you help others.

Step into your power with the VIP Brand Expansion Experience.